Artist Bio
Kristine is an American multidisciplinary artist, based in Los Angeles, CA. Heavily influenced by the Post War era and the Neo Conceptual movement, Kristine uses aggressive motions, similar to Jackson Pollock and Willem De Kooning, in order to appropriate the style in a way that empowers womxn, queer, and non-binary individuals. They create bodies of work that appear abstract or in process to encourage a relationship between each piece and the viewer.

Artist Statement
Humans are animals, with violent and basic impulses pertaining to one's survival, raging evermore. The comprehension of our corporeal and sentient forms allows us to be ever-evolving in both spirit and mind, making the human condition an unending transformation. My work explores the introspection that is intrinsic to mortal consciousness. Bodies of work are created out of my own physical need to purge and process an emotional existence.